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The Official Site of Endoe Nova


Rhyda County

Rhyda County/ Savage Productions/ Quiet Money Gang

Real Name: Nicholas Doral Carr
Birth Date: March 10, 1993
Birth Place: Little Rock, Arkansas
Occupation: Rapper/Producer
Record Label: Rhyda County Records

Endoe Nova started rapping and producing in 2008. Over the years he has expressed the lyrical ability, rhyming ability, and a fast & slow rapping mesh in his flow to go along with various concepts such as scary, inspirational, & even comedic. He released his first mixtape on Datpiff in 2010 titled "Endoe Nova". His second release was "The Knightmare: Part 1" which was also on Datpiff. He is now looking forward to dropping his debut album "Welcome to Rhyda County" which is OUT NOW.
He started off his career once Young JR provided him the tools to make beats. HE sold beats to a few local rappers and still make them to his this day. He did have a soundclick page where he would share his beats but it only lasted for about 2 years. He also shared his beats on Youtube for others to see an still do to this day.
His rapping chapter started when he started recording songs with Lil Futa. He then joined SVGP (Lil Futa's independent label). Through him he met Syril J & Chip. Those three along with Da Monsta, Fatty & Crono started 'Rhyda County Records'. They are known for the unique flows, lyricism, and punchlines that they inherit through their songs.

Rhyda County